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DENTABS - The pill for the plaster separator

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Binds plasters, quartz and phosphate-bound embedding compounds.

  • prevents the closure of sewage pipes
  • avoids the rotting odour
  • facilitates the cleaning of the plaster separator.

One tablet per week is enough, and only clear water flows out!

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Also available as fragrance variation with "Fresh Cotton" room refreshing.

or in the environmentally friendly refill pack.

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Even by regular cleaning of gypsum separators, deposits in the drain pipe cannot be avoided. Between 15 and 40 percent of the gypsums that accumulate during trimming do not settle in conventional gypsum traps and sooner or later lead to pipe closures. The situation with collection pipes becomes extreme when nothing is possible in the whole house.

Prevent pipe closures with DENTABS
Even by regular cleaning of gypsum separators, deposits in the drain pipe cannot be avoided. When a drain pipe is clogged, the cost add up. Standstill throughout the lab, delayed delivery, disgruntled customers or even customer loss, combined with flooding, foul smell and unplanned costs make pipe cleaning anything but pleasant and cost-effective.

And how DENTABS works
DENTABS simply hang in the gypsum separator after emptying with the supplied dosing basket (in the case of multi-chamber separators preferably at the overflow to the second chamber), so that the pill lies completely below the water surface and is not directly exposed to the gypsum-contaminated water inflow. DENTABS will soon release its active ingredients. By flocculation, even the finest gypsum suspended particles are bound and sink to the ground.

You can see the effect of DENTABS in the movie:

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Separator cleaning is easy
DENTABS are not subject to labelling, neutral and harmless in handling. The active ingredients of DENTABS naturally comply with the valid waste water management regulations. You will experience it: the emptying has never been so easy. With DENTABS you prevent the formation of plates and where nothing hardens, there is nothing to spat.

Hygienic and odour-free
Those who have a nose for problems will enjoy it because clean water does not smell and suspended matter is bound.

How often do you need DENTABS?
Quite simply: One pill is sufficient for the plaster capacity of a standard separator of approx. 15 liters. It is best to empty regularly once a week, once a week a DENTABS. You save time, you save money, you do something for your employees and the environment, for yourself and for your wallet.


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