LIQUIPURE - Demineralized water from the pipe!

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LIQUIPURE produces fully desalinated water according to EN13060/EN285 for sterilizers, autoclaves and general laboratory purposes. Original LIQUIPURE - also available in specialist stores for over 12 years. Simple, safe and cost-effective!

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Safe and simple interchangeable cartridge system
LIQUIPURE produces demineralized water from normal tap water (also called deionized or fully de-salted water) for all general laboratory purposes, sterilizers, evaporators, etc.
LIQUIPURE removes all dissolved ingredients (ions) from the water by means of a mixed bed resin. The water meets the requirements of the RKI directive EN13060/EN285.
LIQUIPURE works absolutely safely and can be put into operation by anyone without any prior knowledge by replacing the sieve insert on the faucet within 5 min.

LIQUIPURE is connected directly to the faucet. Simply turn the screen attachment (jet regulator, air bubble) off your tap and install the LIQUIPURE 2-way valve in its place. If your faucet has a different M22 thread than the usual M22 thread, you will find different adapters here in the shop.
Now, when you actuate the gag on the LIQUIPURE 2-way valve, the water flows through the hose into the device. You can now remove demineralized water from the LIQUIPURE sampling valve. Of course, you can continue to remove tap water from your tap as usual if you reset the gag.
Alternatively, the pressure-resistant lower table version LIQUIPURE FX is available, which is firmly connected to the water network and.B can also supply a sterilizer directly.

You simply turn the faucet on, actuate the gag on the LIQUIPURE 2-way valve and demineralized water flows out of the LIQUIPURE tap.
You can estimate the consumption status of the LIQUIPURE cartridges at a glance using the indicator color. If you want to determine the conductive value for example.B. for documentation, we offer you a good conductivity measuring device.
The LIQUIPURE system consisting of two cartridges connected in succession increases safety and yield. The first cartridge (at the water inlet) initially carries the main load, while the downstream safety cartridge only has to catch any 'slipping' tracks. As the main cartridge approaches its capacity end and turns from blue to green, this slip increases increasingly, but is still intercepted by the safety cartridge. Only when the main cartridge is completely consumed and green- is it removed and disposed of in normal household waste. The previous safety cartridge is now used in its place as the main cartridge, and a fresh cartridge as a new safety cartridge. In this way, the entire filling quantity of each cartridge can be used completely without the ultrapure water quality deteriorating.

Quality and service
All components of the LIQUIPURE come from industrial plant construction and are correspondingly high-quality and durable. Each device is carefully assembled and tested by our technicians so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Should your LIQUIPURE still have a problem over time, we will quickly repair it for you - at the Friendship Prize!


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