DEWAPURE Refill System

Ve-water according to VDE 0510 / DIN EN 13060 simply create your own!

DEWAPURE produces demineralized water from normal tap water (also deionized or fully desalinated water, called VE water). Simply connect to the water pipe, and the filter material removes all dissolved ingredients (ions) from the flowing water.

DEWAPURE is available in four sizes. Choose the DEWAPURE version that suits your needs:

DEWAPURE 47 72 178 262
Optimal flow rate
1-3 l/min 2-5 l/min 5-12 l/min 8-18 l/min
Yield VE water 950l 1,500l 3,700l



30% on all DEWAPURE full-salt devices.* The promotion is only valid in the period from 1 to 28 February 2021. *Replacement fillings not included in action.

DEWAPURE Refill System

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