UVC disinfection system In-Line 1m3/h

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UVC system for chemical-free drinking water disinfection, compact complete system for installation in the pipe.

  • Safe and reliable method
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Energy-saving technology
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The irradiation room consists of a stainless steel tube, in the middle of which a quartz glass tube is inserted, in which in turn the actual spotlight sits. The water flows through the space; the high-energy UVC radiation destroys the genetic material of the microorganisms floating in the water. The condition for the full effect is as undisturbed water as possible; for larger amounts of suspended matter in your water, we recommend that you pre-switch an activated carbon filter.
In contrast to chemical disinfectants, microbes cannot develop defense mechanisms against the enormous energy density of UV radiation, which is why continuous irradiation is possible without the risk of resistance. The method is therefore also preferred by public water suppliers, and also in other applications such as.B. open cooling towers and even for air disinfection in clean rooms and operating theatres.

In order to maintain the full radiation intensity, the spotlight and the quartz glass tube in the irradiation room should be cleaned regularly (recommendation: at least about half-yearly). Disassembly and cleaning requires neither tools nor special knowledge. Replacing the spotlight after the end of the service life is accordingly easy. Replacement spotlights are available here in the shop. Note: UV lamps contain mercury and must be carefully treated and disposed of accordingly! If you do not know of any receiving point, we may dispose of returned spotlights for you free of charge.

Inline spotlight complete set pre-assembled ready for installation, consisting of UVC spotlight with ballast ready to plug in, irradiation room (stainless steel tube with internal quartz glass tube), with 2 ball valves and drain valve for easier maintenance, wall mount, mounting material.

Technical data:
Flow rate max. 1m3/h, radiation power 400 Ws/cm2, lamp life approx. 1-2 years (max. 10,000h), operating pressure max. 10 bar, temperature max. 40oC, protection class IP65, electrical connection 230V/50Hz, fuse 10A.

Larger and/or special models suitable for hot water up to 90°C (for legionella control) are available on request.


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Equipment / Device
approx. 20 cm
approx. 15 cm
approx. 50 cm
approx. 5 kg
Power supply
AC 230V 50Hz

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