DEWAPURE 178/262 Complete Set

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Pure water from the pipe! DEWAPURE produces fully desalinated water according to VDE 0510 / DIN EN 13060 / EN285 from normal tap water. Simple, safe and cost-effective!

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DEWAPURE 178/262 Complete Set

  • Produces approx. 3,700/5,400 litres*) VE water according to VDE 0510 / DIN EN 13060 from normal tap water
  • 30% more yield due to new distribution system
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Used filter material can be replaced by yourself
  • Universal connection via 1/2'' hose line (10m included)

Safe and efficient ion exchange system

DEWAPURE produces demineralized water from normal tap water (also deionized or fully desalinated water, called VE water). The device is simply connected to the water pipe, and the filter material (ion exchanger mixed bed resin) removes all dissolved ingredients (ions) from the flowing water. The yield is increased by up to 30% compared to conventional filters due to the specially developed distribution system.
When the capacity of the mixed bed resin filling is used up, it can be easily replaced by the user himself; a tailor-made filling aid facilitates the refilling, the used resin can be disposed of in normal waste. In this way, you are independent of third-party services.
DEWAPURE has plug-in couplings with standard pipe thread 3/4" and is connected to the water supply as standard via 1/2" hose lines; other systems are of course possible. Adapters allow us to establish every possible connection; please ask our service if necessary.

The DEWAPURE complete set is available in two sizes. Choose the version that suits your needs:

Optimal flow rate
5-12 l/min8-18 l/min
Yield *) VE water3,700l5,400l

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The purity of the VE water produced can be easily determined by measuring the electrical conductivity.
Included in the scope of delivery is the integrated measuring instrument, which is installed directly in the filter head and enables quality control during operation at a glance with its LED display. Optionally, we also offer a compact universal handheld measuring device here in the shop, which is held for measurement in a sample taken at the water outlet. This is useful for documenting measurements .B. Both devices are battery-powered; the integrated measuring instrument has a permanently installed continuous battery (shelf life according to the manufacturer: 10 years), the handheld measuring device is supplied by interchangeable button cells.
We strongly advise against operating without a measuring device!

You can find other useful accessories such as hoses, connectors, pump guns and wall holders in our accessories department.

*) at low hardness; the actual yield depends on the local water quality. Approximate rule of thumb: the yield (liter se-water) corresponds to about 23100 divided by the water hardness in °dH.


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18 cm
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