Heating water 1,000l IBC

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1,000l VE water with deposition and corrosion protection and broadband biocide for filling heating systems according to VDI2035.



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Stone formation and corrosion are the main cause of damage in modern heating systems. Directive VDI 2035 is authoritative and is used in the event of damage to assess the damage in warranty cases. The responsibility for compliance with the relevant requirements usually lies with the operator; in case of incorrect planning, commissioning or even documentation, the installer may be liable.

LIQUITECH heating water is an environmentally friendly high performance product. It is made of VE water (electrical conductivity EC <10-S/cm), which does not contain any hole corrosive salts. It is free of phosphates and phosphonates, which are responsible for eutrophication (overfertilization) in water bodies.

LIQUITECH heating water protects against deposits and corrosion in the heating system with the latest and most advanced polymer against deposits and biodegradable tolyltriazoles as a corrosion protection additive. Due to the precisely adjusted and stabilized pH value (between pH 8.2 and pH 8.5), aluminium components are also protected against electrochemical corrosion.

LIQUITECH heating water contains one of the best, fast-acting, non-oxidizing broadband microbicides on the market. It has outstanding environmentally sound properties, does not form toxic degradation products (DBP) and degrades completely in nature without residues.

The heating water is freshly produced and bottled directly when ordering, please grant us about one week from the order date. The pallet container IBC-RB (industrial bulk container re-bottled, i.e. used steel tube frame with brand new HDPE container) is included in the purchase price.
Please note: unfortunately, we have to insist on prepayment from experience with this article.

Please also compare our other offers:
If you need VE water repeatedly or even regularly, in the vast majority of cases it is much cheaper to purchase your own equipment for demineralizing tap water in the medium term. The VE water thus produced in this way is at least equivalent in quality, with due care; and longer storage time of the VE water can even lead to a loss of quality.
We recommend our DEWAPURE demineralization filters for comparison.

Notes on delivery:
The pure delivery time is usually about 2-4 days. Shipping takes place by forwarding agent, delivery ''to curb edge''. Attention: a forklift must be available at the delivery point for unloading! Otherwise, please request in advance (delivery with lifting platform is subject to a surcharge).
Self-collection is possible, but only by prior agreement and written confirmation of the pick-up date!

Note on disposal:
Unfortunately, the return transport and reprocessing of the empty container does not make economic sense, so we do not buy back IBC in principle. On the Internet you will find appropriate conditioners, or you can sell the container on site, e.B. as a rainwater barrel to self-collectors.


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