Blueline heating water refill valve

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Easiest refilling of the heating system with demineralized water according to VDI 2035.

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Easiest refilling of the heating system with demineralized water according to VDI 2035.
ProTABS Clean & Safe specifically protects the aluminium casting alloy components in modern heating systems that are prone to pitting.

  • Easy and safe refilling of heating circuits
  • No expertise required
  • Produces VE water according to VDI 2035 with LIQUIPURE mixed bed resin
  • Optimum deposition and corrosion protection
  • Gently dismantle existing deposits
  • Control of consumption status via color change indicator
  • Uncomplicated handling with interchangeable cartridges
  • Trouble-free connection via Gardena plug

Safe and efficient system

The BLUELINE filter cartridge produces demineralized water from normal tap water (also deionized or fully desalinated water or VE water) and inputs it with a deposition and corrosion protection.
The cartridge contains the proven LIQUIPURE ion exchanger mixed bed resin and a PROTABS Clean & Safe tablet with special corrosion protection for copper and aluminum alloys by the active ingredient tolyltriazole. The mixed bed resin removes all dissolved ingredients (ions) from the flowing water. The color change indicates when the capacity of the resin is reached. The tablet gradually dissolves and releases its active ingredients into the water. Used cartridges can be easily disposed of via normal household waste.
The BLUELINE fitting has Gardena connectors as standard, so that it can be connected to the heating system with appropriate couplings and hose lines. Other connections, adapters and other accessories (e..B. system disconnectors, if not already available) are available in the shop or on request.

Easiest application

The BLUELINE filter fitting is simply inserted into the filling hose of the heating system (standard with Gardena system). Via the filling valve on the heating system, VE water can now be directly refilled into the heating circuit with deposition and corrosion protection agents (optionally also pure VE water with LIQUIPURE cartridge).
The cartridge is easily interchangeable and displays via a color indicator when it is burned.

Technical data:
Version: BLUELINE Standard
Material: PP
Max working pressure: 6 bar
Max temperature: 35°C
Connection: Gardena system (optional)
Dimensions: approx. 25 x 40 cm
Weight: about 3 kg
Optimum flow rate: 1 - 2 l/min
Average capacity per filling: approx. 90 litres of VE water*)
Storage capacity: about 6 months**)

*) theoretical capacity at medium hardness; the actual yield is always dependent on the local water quality. Approximate rule of thumb: the yield (liter se-water) corresponds to about 900 divided by the water hardness in °dH.
**) during prolonged storage, the colour indicator may become indistinct and capacity may decline; in the case of own testing approx. 10% loss after 1 year of storage.

Scope of delivery: Filter fitting 10'' with wall holding plate, pressure drain valve and filter cartridge; optional with Gardena plugs and complete connection set made of 2m hose, 4 Gardena hose couplings and 2 Gardena tappieces (3/4'') for faucet and filling valve (please select above).
Replacement cartridges: available here in the shop.

Alternatives: larger versions BLUELINE -L / -XL / -XXL available here in the shop.


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