LIQUIDIS CL non-corrosive biocide


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LIQUIDIS CL is a non-corrosive disinfectant for water-bearing devices such as dental treatment instruments

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LIQUIDIS CL non-corrosive disinfectant for water-bearing devices such as dental treatment instruments

Under the current drinking water ordinance, tap water may contain only 100 germs per ml water, this shall not include different pathogens.This background level of the tap water is sufficient to quickly form a biofilm with pioneer bacteria in standing water, identifiable as green scale at the walls. Those bacteria constitute a prerequisite for the nidation of further bacteria. In standing water and at 20°C this population doubles every six hours. Very soon dangerous pathogens may settle down as well.

No fear of controls!
Water-bearing systems are often also inhabited by micro-organisms. For the disinfection of for example treatment instruments in the dental practice, a few drops of LIQUIDIS CL per liter of water are sufficient in order to kill the micro-organisms. LIQUIDIS CL eliminates all kinds of bacteria incl. all legionella, fungi, yeasts and algae sustainably. In the case of long-term application it can also dismantle biofilms.

Highly effective, non-toxic to humans
LIQUIDIS CL is a highly effective biocide, but totally harmless to humans, based on pure hypochlorous acid. According to TVO it is allowed in the drinking water, it has no toxic side effects, is non-corrosive and easy to handle. There is also no risk for patients or staff in the application concentration. After exposure LIQUIDIS CL breaks down into sodium chloride (common salt) and water.

LIQUIDIS CL is available as 60ml dropping bottle, or in 250ml / 500ml / 1l bottles with dosing cup, or in 2l / 5l canisters

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Approx. one year


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